Thursday, September 10, 2015

"I'm Gonna Tell God Everything." Last Words of A Dying 3-Year-Old Syrian Boy

"I'm gonna tell God everything." – The three year old Syrian boy uttered before his life meets end. His last message has already haunted if not thousands, millions of social media users as it spreads like wildfire.
Despite the numbers of medications doctors gave him, his condition did not went well as it wasn’t just about the pain he received from the war, but the pain emotionally as what can humanity be so cruel as this that even his bare eyes can relay the catastrophe his homeland suffers right now.
I'm gonna tell god everything - Syrian boy
Recent report says, three million Syrians in Aleppo city have been deprived of drinking water for nine straight days as the rebels have cut off water supplies, prolonged exposure to violence and stress, multiple displacement, loss of friends and family members, and a severe deterioration in living conditions are leaving children in Syria with lasting scars.

Mainstream media’s described the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a ruthless killer as more than a million people are still finding ways to leave the country to escape the horrendous phenomenon.