Thursday, September 10, 2015

Did this 12-Year-Old Girl Beat Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s IQ?

Most kids these days are out playing something for recreation or whatever it is the youth does these days, but this 12-year-old girl did not just nail the Mensa IQ Test but crushed it with a jaw-breaking result.
It is believed that both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s IQ sit around 160, however, a student of Colchester County High School in Essex, Lydia Sebastian recently achieved the maximum score in the Mensa IQ test beating both the world’s renowned theoretical physicists with a score of 162.
Lydia Sebastian, 12, beats worlds renowned theoretical physicists IQ score
Sebastian is the third student this year that earned the maximum score on the exam and finished the test with a few minutes to spare.

In an interview with The Guardian, she said:
At first, I was really nervous but once I started, it was much easier than I expected it to be and then I relaxed.
Lydia is said to read all seven Harry Potter books three times when she was a few years old, has played violin since she was four and her favorite subject is Math.