Wednesday, September 9, 2015

HUGOT: Pastillas Girl on How To Make Bittersweet Pastillas Recipe Emerges

Pastillas or milk tablets are homemade sweet mouth-watering delicacy known in the Philippines. But this cute young woman here is about to educate you with a bittersweet version of it.
Pastillas Girl with her Bittersweet recipe of Pastillas
Apparently, everybody thought it was just a typical tutorial on how to make pastillas, but not until this woman describes the steps hilariously with melancholic lines to express her furies against some guy who maybe cheated on her and hurt her emotionally.
Her video went viral as uploaded by Tee Radio’s Facebook page that garnered a rack-up whooping stats with over a million views and closely 40 thousand likes as of this writing.

Her real name is still unknown to the most of the public but with her style of comedy that got a lot of attention on social media sites, earned her nickname Pastillas Girl.

COOLBUSTER.NET tells that she could be the next online sensation as Industry observers said the young woman might steal the spotlight from the popular yet irritating "Pabebe Girls" and the Dubsmash queen Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza of the internet and television hit love team "AlDub."

Watch the video below (WARNING: The video contains Strong Language):