Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pastillas Girl Sexy 'Worth It' Dance Cover Goes Viral

Angelica Jane 'Pastillas Girl' Yap has once again making the rounds online after a footage of her sexy dance performance of Fifth Harmony's hit 'Worth It' has emerged online.
Pastillas Girl in Sexy hot Worth It Dance Cover Performance goes viral
Capturing the attention of most netizens with her controversial bittersweet Pastillas recipe online, the 21-year-old Angelica Jane Yap has been the talk on Twitter since Friday after she shared her heartbreaking story on Its Showtime!

Before rising to fame, she was first discovered for making a how to video of a bittersweet version of a Filipino mouth-watering delicacy "Pastillas De Leche" recipe while describing the steps hilariously with her melancholic lines to express her furies against her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. Later, her recipe has become controversial as it was claimed by the real owner.

However, her sudden fame has brought a plethora of angered netizens to an online firestorm where she is being compared to the networks counterpart popular love-team AlDub's other half Yaya Dub.

But, despite of drowning from depressions over the mischievous reactions of the netizens, Yap, was able to uplift herself continues to live her life and career at its best.

WATCH Pastillas Girl Worth It Dance Cover:

Pastillas Girl 'Worth It' Dance Cover
May talent din pala si Miss Pastillas mag sexy dance <3
Posted by Coorms on Wednesday, September 16, 2015