Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Photo Of Two Kids Locking Lips Together Emerges Online

A very disturbing photo of alleged kissing kids is circulating online, netizens were enraged on how the supposedly “Pag-asa ng Bayan” are carrying out and displaying this inappropriate act in public.
In it, the picture shows a girl wearing a pink sleeveless along with two other boys when suddenly she and the guy in blue engages to a very romantic act of a couple together as it was just a normal act of kids.

They were even proud of it by taking it to public captioned: ‘Shota ko pla yong kakiss ko yong dalawa nmn kybigan ko :) :) :)’ rough translation: ‘It was my girlfriend whom i kissed, while the other two are my friends’
Two unidentified kids kisses each others lips gone viral
The caption was unclear since it was only the three of them, yet he/she described to have two other friends and a girlfriend.

Just like Extremereaders said that today’s generation is very unlikely it was before.