Thursday, September 24, 2015

VIRAL: Woman Proudly Uploaded Own Private Clip With Boyfriend

Aside from Yaya Dub and Pastillas Girl, someone is shaking and making the rounds on social media sites after she promoted her own private stuff online.
Noralyn Mangada Victoria Video Scandal
Facebook user Yoyayin Victoria or Noralyn Mangada Victoria (said by someone who probably knew her) has uploaded a funny yet very disturbing clip of her boyfriend’s act.

Luckily it wasn’t her boyfriend earned the spotlight online but rather her act for uploading this troubling footage on her account showing  a huge load of splooge was getting shot-straight to her face. Uploaded on September 21 the 21-second-clip shows she was first showing something she call ‘Dad’ (her boyfriend, maybe) after she was hit by the big stuff.

Some at first didn’t believe that it was a splooge hit her but rather paste, however it was confirmed after a private conversation with her bestie was used as a comment on some of her photos uploaded by a netizen saying that the thing hits her is TAMOD.
Netizens who already watched the clip gave her several nicknames including; lotion girl, condensed milk girl and tamod girl.

However, the certain condensed milk girl hasn’t yet talked or have something to say on the issue which regards the very disturbing clip if it is scripted or not.

We chose not to add the video on this page since it contains graphic content that is not suitable for minors, but if you’re aged 18 and above check out the clip using this link.