Monday, September 14, 2015

'Yaya Dub's' Real Attitude Behind The Camera

Literally, everyone witnessed how Maine Mendoza’s career jump-started. From being a culinary arts graduate she fueled it on YouTube with various Kris Aquino Dubsmash lines until GMA-7 discovered her and turns her to one phenomenal celebrity along with her accidental love interest for Alden Richards. But who Maine really is behind the cam?
The Real Attitude of Yaya Dub Behind the Camera's
Many would just say she’s humble, unpretentious, down-to-earth person, and very much accommodating.

But those words of compliments aren’t just lies but real for a fan-recorded footage of Maine Mendoza ‘Yaya Dub’ showing her attitude off-cam has emerged online.

In it, she apparently just ended her tough and rough day of acting from her kalyeserye segment on Eat Bulaga and moving to take some rest. But some fans she passes by cheered her up and asks for photos to be taken with them as souvenir. Her bodyguards or ‘Rogelios,’ are likely protecting the actress as they kept the fans away from her to avoid any possible dangers she might have.
But instead of going straight to her van for rest, she stopped and asks her bodyguards to let her pass as she will be granting what her fans wishes.

One of the facts we recently posted about Yaya Dub taken from her interview once said that one of her most ultimate dream is to be an actress. But becoming a celebrity, she is one of a kind that do so much that other actors and actresses do rarely.

CREDITS: Reyes Arco (@ReyesArco) | CrackerDaily