Friday, October 30, 2015

Bypass 800MB/1GB Globe Data Caps Using Proxifier

Here is how to bypass Globe 800 MB / 1 GB Data Capping or Data Limit Using Proxifier
Ever been familiar to the giant Telco’s text-message right after heavily streaming, downloading or anything large that would consume a lot of data? If yes, it is due to their FUP (Fair Usage Policy) where they maintain the quality of their internet service and give all the customers a fair opportunity to enjoy the network, has taken the steps to implement such policy where they will reduce 3% of speed on your network.

Yet, how can someone relish a fair data allocation of 800MB (for prepaid subscribers) and 1GB (for postpaid subscribers)? NONE.

The message reads:
Hi. We noticed that your data usage today has been really high. We're now reducing your browsing speed to maintain quality service for all Globe users. Please read about our Fair Use Policy at To browse at normal speed, unsubscribe from your current promo by texting STOP <PROMO> to 8888. Regular browsing rates will apply after. You may also register to GoSURF50 and get 250MB of mobile internet valid for 3 days for P50. Dial *143# and choose GoSURF or text GS50 to 8888.
Fortunately, we have a solution to this horrific situation by using Initex’s Proxifier.

Here is a brief explanation about the solution:

Globe as we don’t know is using two types of APN (Access Point Name) the “WWW” and the “HTTP” version.

The http is the default APN Globe use to entrench in our devices, this includes smartphones, pocket Wi-Fi and broadband. This APN is incredible fast, stable and reliable. However, this setup is also immune to Globe’s FUP.

The second one is the www, this APN is slow and is only preferable to use on 2G devices, but it is truly the one who gives the essence of ‘unlimited internet’ as it does not have bandwidth allocation limit.

What we are about to do is use the www version and proxify it to http version to maintain the speed quality without being noticed and continue to browse, stream and download heavy stuff. Instructions:

1. First, Download Intex’s edited Proxifier: LINK

2. To change the APN settings, kindly go to Options > Profile Management for Globe Broadband users.

For Pocket Wi-Fi consumers, please login to your dashboard by opening or in your browser then head to Settings > Dial-up > Profile Management and copy the settings given below:
Learn how to bypass Globe Capping Connection Globe Broadband

Learn how to bypass Globe Capping Connection Globe Pocket WiFi
Note: Make sure you have copied then saved every detail given.

4. Extract the downloaded file according to your desired location.

5. Run Proxifier.exe as administrator, then viola! Happy Streaming and Downloading!

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