Tuesday, October 20, 2015

China's 'Goddess Teacher' Captivated The Hearts Of Her Students

Young university school teacher, Xu Dongxiang, has risen to stardom overnight after her tight and sexy gym attire was shared by students on Chinese social media site.
Xu Dongxiang is dubbed as the Goddess Teacher in China University
Miss Xu is a graduate from the Nanjing University of the Arts and has been a part-time model at the age of 23.

Shortly, after her graduation, Xu, began to her job as a university teacher at Dailian Polytechnic University’s College of Arts and Information Engineering in north eastern China.
Many puzzled netizens ask how she could be a university teacher at her young age. However, some students from the said school told a forum that Miss Xu is not an official member of faculty rather she is teaching drama and performing arts, albeit as an extra curriculum subject.
Her fame did not just sit in the university she is teaching but also on Weibo – China’s Twitter version, after her students started to upload her photos while lecturing on June which earned her a whopping 250,000 total followers on her Weibo's profile.
The ‘Goddess Teacher’ has also appeared on various television game shows and dramas on China.

Aside from teaching, the 23-year-old teacher is also a fitness guru.

[CREDITS: Daily Mail]