Monday, October 26, 2015

Horrifying Footage Shows Four Women Suspected of 'Witchcraft' Being Tortured

Horrific footage has emerged of four women, tied up and being tortured as they are being accused of witchcraft.
The subjects were seen being stripped and beaten by an angry crowd of people who also burnt them.

The women were accused of necromancy after a young man in Enga province, Papua New Guinea on august.
According to several posts on Social media networks the women were said to be 'invisibly' taking the man's heart out, and then putting it back into his body. Reports say, the women pleaded denying the accusation has been done and rather nothing to do with it.

Yet, a woman is thought to have died from the cruelty the angry mob has done, shown on the footage released by social media students to disturbingly support the torturers actions.