Thursday, October 15, 2015

MTRCB Releases Results Of GAD Meeting With "It's Showtime" Executives

MANILA, Philippines - On Wednesday, October 14, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) released the results of the Gender and Development (GAD) meeting with "It's Showtime" management regarding the controversial issue for pimping Angelica Yap on "Pastillas Girl" segment.
MTRCB On Wednesday, Releases Results of GAD Meeting For It's Showtime "Pastillas Girl" Segment
MTRCB released a pdf document stating that the board has agreed to the following provisionaries given:

  • The program shall ensure the protection of Ms. Angelica Yap's (the real name of the so-called Pastillas Girl) dignity as a young woman by introducing scenes depicting her empowerment as a person while she faces various challenges in her young life (int this way, the impression, for instance, that her "only reason for living is to have a boyfriend" can be nagated.)

  • The program shall continue to brief Ms. Yap before any episode considering that she is arguably now a "public figure" and thus may be perceived as a "model" by young women; this will ensure words and actions appropriate to the "PG" rating of the program.

Aside from this, the 3-page document also said that the board acknowledged that the show provided a life coach to assist Angelica. "Our special sub-committee also acknowledged your manifestation that you have actually provided Ms. Yap a life coach so that she may be guided as to how to mold her character positively and enable her to plan her life with care and informed choices, to the end that she will hopefully be able to avoid the eadier pitfalls she experienced. It may be good to bring this out in the progam upon prior consultation with Ms. Yap and her family," said the letter.

Last October 6, MTRCB has issued a letter to meet the executives of It's Showtime's management after getting numerous complaints from viewers and groups about the segment.
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