Sunday, October 4, 2015

Student Seen Peddling 'Kakanin' In Streets After School Restores Humanities Hope

Just when you thought that kids these days were only up to have a good time drinking heavy liquors with friends, playing both offline and online games, getting hyped on Facebook and even “watch television shows and argue to death who is more popular between ALDub and Pastillas Girl,” for entertainment after school. But actually someone is making a big difference.
Rogelio Guevarra the student who is selling kakanin after school
From the issues and naughty acts of teenagers these days, the famous line ‘Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Baya,’ seem to fade away, but thanks to this particular boy who bears the name ‘Rogelio Guevarra’ known as ‘SAPA’ living in Cainta, Rizal and studies at Governor Isidro High School restored this only hope.

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The heartwarming photo has emerged showing how this certain student captivates a lot of netizens for being different from most of his fellow youths in this generation. Uploaded on one of many Billy Crawford fan pages, a student from Cainta despite of youth’s norms these days, chose to somewhat help his parents make a living through selling ‘kakanin’ street food on an improvised food cart.

Engaged for about 170 thousand likes and almost 50k shares, netizens were astounded  to this kid and gave many pleasant commentaries.

May he serve a lesson to the most of kids out there who only prefer wasting their parent’s money for nonsense not thinking how their parents have worked hard to raise it.

[SOURCE: Kicker Daily News]