Thursday, October 8, 2015

This Blind Man With A Winning Lottery Ticket Ask Strangers If He Won, The Results Are Shocking!

Being deceptive is likely common and already a part of everyone’s life these days, yet we still wish that everyone could still be honest. But, the sad reality is that there are some people who don’t and never will always deserve our trust.
Blind Man Gets Shocking Results after Asking Strangers if he had won the lottery
Especially when it comes to strangers, even if we don’t do this consciously, we have a tendency to make a lot of assumptions based on superficial factors. And you might imagine we are often wrong.

Johal, a popular YouTuber who is making a lot of social experiments, decided to conduct a very interesting experiment this time centered on honesty.

He approached strangers and claimed he is blind before asking them to read his winning lottery ticket and let him know if he had won.To make things more interesting, he approached people in a wealthy area as well as the ‘poor’ area. Check out the shocking truth below: What just happened is a complete sad fact where poor and homeless people are treated as if they were garbage but rather would give you the truth off their backs because they have been there. While the wealthy people who are highly respected, will be the ones who will cheat and steal their way to more wealth.
[CREDITS: Metaspoon]