Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Viral Video Shows Girl 'Possessed by Devil' After Playing Ouija Board App

Bone-chilling footage has emerged of a young girl possessed by the devil after playing Ouija board mobile app.
According to the Mirror, witnesses say the 18-year-old girl, identified as Patricia Quispe, was playing a mobile phone version of the spirit board along with her friends.

When she returned home her parents noticed that she seemed to be unwell. They said she began fitting and foaming at the mouth, and her voice deepened into a raspy tone.

The young girl, from Lima, Peru, was taken to hospital where the medics confirmed she was extremely strong and it was difficult to control her. In the creepy footage, she began to scream “666” in a deep rasping voice, followed by "let me go, let me go".

It took half an hour before the medics finally able to restrain her. She was then transferred to a psychiatric ward so doctors could further investigate about what triggered her strange behavior. But, based on to local media, people who witnessed the incident were convinced she had been possessed by satanic spirits.
[CREDITS: Mirror]