Saturday, October 3, 2015

Woman Accidentally Sends Text To Stranger, Ends Up Marrying Him

Just over three years ago, Kasey Bergh had given up hope when it came to men, she was holding firm to that belief not until she was on for a business trip in Denver when she accidentally sent a text-message which was meant to her colleague rather sent to a complete stranger and all that changed forever.
Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening met through a mistaken text message and married three years later on June 27, 2015.
In June 2012, six years after her divorce, Kacey Bergh, 55, mass-texted her acquaintances after hearing that her colleague’s inbound flight was delayed.

By mistake, text popped to a certain stranger named Henry Glendening’s phone instead, 23, was 30 years younger than her.

Most people would have ignored her message, but for Henry, he decided to reply and said that he would be ‘Down to hang’ if he wasn’t already headed to work. This then led to an apology text from Kasey, but later the two ended up chatting away and begins an unconventional love story.
Amazingly, after a week later, the two went on a string of dates and fell in love. They also had already discussed their 30 years age gap difference and Henry didn’t mind it as a big deal.
Henry said;
It really didn’t make any difference.

We were so connected at that point through deeper stuff… From the very, very beginning it felt like we were on the same wavelength.
Kasey agreed: ‘I had totally embraced I was single and that I never needed a guy. Then I met Henry.’

This summer, 3 years after the errant text-message, the couple was married in front of the flood wall of the Mississippi River.

This couple really proved that age doesn’t matter after all their Love isn’t  measured through the gaps of their ages.