Monday, November 30, 2015

CCTV Footage Captures Pastillas Girl’s Mom Shot Dead Released Online

Mother of highly-anticipated segment of showtime “Pastillas Girl” or Angelica Yap was shot dead by an unknown gunman in Caloocan on late Sunday night.
Reports say, Teresa Yap, also known as “Teteng,” has sustained a gunshot wound at the back of her head. She was immediately brought to a hospital but was pronounced already dead at 9:20 P.M. upon arrival.

Yet, as police officials and local investigators are up gathering for more clues and information about the horrific crime done to Teresita Yap, A CCTV footage has been released to the public.

The 1-minute-clip reveals how the mother of Pastillas Girl was shot to the ground down in Barangay 131, Caloocan while having a dinner on a roadside eatery with one of her daughter’s when suddenly an unknown gunman shot her then quickly runs away from the crime scene.

According to Yap’s relative, Tumping Fabian, Teteng has been receiving a number of death threats through text messages saying she will be dead before Christmas. She ignored those threats but it made her to worry.
Angelica Yap immediately rushed to the hospital after she knowing about the horrendous incident happened. The reason behind the incident remains clueless, but, Police officials and investigators are still gathering information about the incident.
Pastillas Girl has yet to comment on the unbearable occurrence happened to her mom.