Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fake Jollibee "Jellibee" Spotted On China

Photos of Philippines leading fast-food chain, Jollibee was said to be ripped off somewhere in China province as Jellibee circulated online.
China Allegedly Ripped Off Philippines Leading Fast-Food Chain Jollibee to Jellibee
According to the online magazine website When In Manila, the photos were sent to them by a certain Dennis T., reportedly saying that he spotted a signage bearing the exact logo of the iconic Jollibee, but is spelled wrong. According to the Dennis, this was in the “middle of nowhere,” near Inner Mongolia.

Yet, the signage turns out to be just a random “filler sign” which is used to an empty commercial space for rent located to a near KFC store.

Dennis added signs like these are pretty normal to see in China and cited other wrongly-spelled brand names including Prada to “Parda” and Puma as “Pums” but are used with the exact logos.

Jollibee has yet to issue an official statement regarding their brand name being used in fake signage.