Thursday, November 5, 2015

How To Avail Pag IBIG Housing Loan Program In Six Easy Steps Guidelines

We kept dreaming and working hard to have our own real estate property in the future. Yet, little did we know that our dreams can be easily fulfilled through Pag Ibig’s Housing Loan Program.
There are actually only six steps on availing the properties you want. The requirements you need to submit to approve your housing loan through Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag Ibig’s Housing Loan Program can be seen below.

Steps to Avail Housing Loan in Pag ibig:

1. Go to then click forms and accomplish every required form for your housing loan.

2. Submit your Housing Loan Application to the Pag-lBIG Fund along with the complete requirements and pay for the partial processing fee of ₱1,000 (non-refundable).

3. When you receive your Notice of Approval (NOA) / Letter of Guaranty (LOG), sign your loan documents.

4. Then accomplish your NOA requirements for check release.

5. Receive loan and proceeds at the Pag ibig fund office.

6. Start paying your monthly amortization.
Six Easy Steps to Avail Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Program
This is the most important steps you need to follow on availing Pag Ibig Loans.

Please bookmark this page as it may be your future reference when you started to apply in the said housing loan program.
Credits: PinoyJuander