Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vic Sotto Shares Open Letter For The Hackers And Bashers Of Maine Mendoza!

After the hacker group named Anonymous Philippines invaded Maine Mendoza’s official social media accounts to share its thoughts in part of the Global Protest movement known as Million Mask March on the 5th of November, bossing Vic Sotto has shared an open letter created by one of some etiquette citizens who defended her from the plethora of bashers.
Captioned as “VERY WELL SAID, READ AND SPREAD ALDUB NATION!!” along with the trending hashtag #ALDUBNewCharacter, the letter was intentionally written for the people responsible for hacking Mendoza’s Twitter account.

The writer Jhun Bayaw said that the production has helped a lot of people with the fame of Maine Mendoza is getting that entertainment and politics shouldn’t be mixed up. The open letter reads:
Jhun Baya Open Letter to Hackers of Maine Mendoza's Social Media Accounts
What the hackers did was totally on loose as Jhun Bayaw said entertainment and politics shouldn’t get mixed up as ALDUB is not just for our eyes only but has already did a lot of charities for a very short of time it has been airing.
CREDITS: Trending News Portal