Saturday, December 5, 2015

This Man Plays His Manhood Beside A Student Inside The Jeepney! Shocking!

Disturbing footage of an unknown man who seemed to be taking his fantasies to public in one Jeepney has emerged and making the rounds online.
The footage runs for 35 seconds long which reveals how the man concealed his actions by silently buffing his banana beside a student.

According to the story unfolded by a certain Facebook user, Rck Meneses who narrated the girl student’s experience, after the jeep was almost emptied by passengers the lustful man hurriedly switched seats near them.

She also admitted she didn’t mind what the man did yet after holding a quick look at the driver, she shockingly saw the man pulls off his manhood and started rubbing it as if nobody is looking.

The motive why the girl shared the clip is to be aware of the man and to be more careful when taking public transportation vehicles.

The video racks up a whopping 48,540 views as of writing this and became viral after it was re-shared for almost a thousand netizens. H/T: Todayinpinas