Thursday, December 10, 2015

WATCH: Catholic Priest Caught Red-Handed On Having Sex With A Nurse

Reverend Brother George Castro Yankey, who is also a medical director of a hospital, has been caught pants down in an alleged sex scandal with a married nurse of the medical facility.
According to several reports online, the identified catholic priest of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Koforidua Eastern Region, Ghana is believed to have allegedly solicited sex before approving the nurse’s job promotion.

The clip runs in three minutes long where the catholic priest is seen on his knees pleading for mercy as the husband of the female nurse suddenly appeared bringing a big dog with him. This was how the couple planned to unfold the offender’s wrong doing.

This malpractice is no new, in fact, there were several of priests were caught red-handedly in the act.
However, what the nurse and her husband did is a brave move which can however put a stop to this deed. CREDITS: Starrfmonline | Chosentrends