Wednesday, April 13, 2016

LGBT Member Disappointed in Manny Pacquiao's Win Over Timothy Bradley. Here is What He Had to Say!

In what was likely his final bout inside the ring, Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao once again carried the pride and hope of the Filipinos for one last time and delivered with a convincing win to end his illustrious boxing career.
For years Pacquiao has been the epitome of the sport of boxing, bringing pride and honor to his country in representing the Philippine flag with each punch thrown.

His victory over Bradley was celebrated by many of his fans, but other's weren't too pleased with Pacquiao's triumph.

A certain member of the LGBT community expressed frustration and disappointment in Pacquiao's win after recalling the boxer's controversial statements that shook the entire world.
Many people also believe that Pacquiao will be filed with a disqualification case. Since he is running for a position in politics, some have concluded that his aired fights are considered illegal and his exposure will certainly affect his candidacy.Nevertheless, many rejoiced when Pacquiao brought home another win that made many Filipinos proud. Despite the controversial statements, many LGBT members are still in support of Pacquiao for bringing honor and glory to the Philippines through his successful boxing career.

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