Monday, October 9, 2017

RJ Nieto (Thinking Pinoy) Is A Genius Who Should Be Honored To Pursue More Excellence Said By His Former UP Diliman Professor

“HE IS NOT JUST A MATHEMATICIAN, BUT A POLYMATH,” This is how the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman Mathematics Professor Augusto Hermosilla described RJ Nieto, the man behind the controversial political debunking blog, Thinking Pinoy.
The message which was posted several months ago, resurfaced and again has gone viral for the reason of being tagged of spreading fake news. Nieto even attended the senate investigation over spreading false information on social media last Wednesday.

According to the U.P Diliman Professor Hermosilla, RJ Nieto, popularly known as TP or ThinkingPinoy is one of his brightest students in the said University.

And despite of not getting a good start in collage compared to his peers who came from various prestigious universities in Manila, Nieto managed to excel and surpass them with his hard work and determination. Professor Hermosilla said that Nieto, is a fast-learner that understood even the very complex and challenging concepts.

He also added that he was so impressed by Nieto, since it is very rare for a math major to be in the university’s debating team. He said, even the most gifted mathematics major cannot manage to join the debating team. Nieto was a member of UP Diliman’s debating team who competes not just inside, but outside the university.
Nieto even survive the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBB) course which he enrolled and even completed it with learning more than his classmates who were majors in the course.

Below is the whole post of Augusto Hermosilla: “RJ Nieto was one of my most brilliant students in the University of the Philippines – Diliman, Quezon City, where he majored in Mathematics, while I was a professor at the Institute of Mathematics.

I can really say that I have been there all throughout his formative years in his becoming a mathematician par excellence. Indeed, he was verily one of my most brightest students.

Although he didn’t have as much of a head start in college compared to his peers, especially coming from a provincial high school as compared to his peers coming from prestigious schools in Metro-Manila, he however managed to excel by hard work and dogged determination so as to top above and over all of his classes.

As a very fast learner, he is someone who can easily understand even very complex and challenging concepts, and simply them as like to water them down in to something that everyone else among his peers can understand to their low level.

Also, it is very rare for a math major to be a member of the university debating team, which involves in debates, not just inside, but also outside the university.

Actually, he was the only one who managed to do it even as a mathematics major gifted with such impeccable and perspicacious logic. His mind doesn’t to work like anybody else. He is hardworking and so determine to excel in any field of endeavor that he can find himself interested and involved in!

I remember that time when he enrolled in an elective Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBB) class under a visiting professor from Ludwig-Maximilians-University-Munich of Germany. He had very little background in Biology and Chemistry. But he did extensive research and even sat down in biology classes to learn to catch up on the many strange and mindboggling jargons in MBB.

I can say that it was as if he majored in and learned Biology in a just month. He even ended up acing the course, even above and over his classmates who were majors in the course.

That is, he did so much better than his classmates who were MBB majors themselves. This somehow shows that RJ is not just a mathematician, but a polymath at that to learn diverse and desparate topics in a short and fast time!!! When he works, he does not settle for just a mediocre “good enough.”

Instead, he makes sure that everything he does is better than what he last works did. This is something that I really admire about this young man. He is a genius who should be honed to pursue more excellence.”

Nieto also responds to a certain Netizen who asked for the credibility of the certain Professor Hermosilla.

“Prof. Oggie Hermosilla was my mentor back in UP Math. He specializes in Mathematical Heuristics (e.g. neural networks, genetic algorithms), including their application to actuarial mortality models. He’s the reason why I studied Computational Biology and Biomathematics (MBB 197) on my sophomore year.

I skipped Math 17 after taking the Advanced Placement Exams (with his help sa review). I also was able to finish my Calculus Series (Math 63, 64, 65, 123.1, 123.2, and 128) early and easily because he was my pro bono tutor-cheerleader. Uno ako sa lahat na yan maliban sa Math 64 dahil naadik ako sa Ragnarok noong summer na yon. Hahaha. Actually, yung Math 64 lang ang hindi ko uno.

Wala na kasi ako noong pera dahil gipit na (namatayan ako ng tatay when I was 17) kaya naawa sa akin so siya na lang nagturo/nag pep talk. He’s one of the most intelligent professors UP Math has ever had.”
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