Thursday, September 10, 2015

Generous Landlord Offers To House Homeless Ex-Soldiers For Free in Heartwarming Facebook Appeal

One landlord from Dudley, West Midlands was so moved by what he had seen floating around online about homeless veterans started a Facebook appeal to offer a home to an ex-soldier who is living on the streets.
Veterans who have served in the armed forces that is now living without access to secure and appropriate accommodation is a worldwide crisis and Chris Foxall, 42, wanted to make a difference.

The kindhearted landlord after one of his rental properties became vacant last week took the bold move and asks his friends if they knew how he could help re-home someone in need.
Father of Two Chris Foxall (2nd left) with his wife Lucie and sons, Tom and Louis
In his viral Facebook post that has touched 45,000 people to share, Foxall explained that he would move them in to his vacant one bedroom flat rent-free for the first three months and with no deposit.
This will allow them time to register with the appropriate agencies to get benefits and hopefully a job in place as they will have a fixed address.

The professional landlord also appealed for help in furnishing the flat in Netherton, Dudley.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, he said:
The response has been overwhelming. It’s just fantastic, I’ve had people offering furniture, bedding, toilet rolls and even money. I’ve got a block of four flats and one became vacant last week and I just thought why not give someone a chance and help them get on their feet? It could have been me or someone I know in that position, so that was the whole purpose.

I was driving back from dropping my son off and when I got home I told my wife what I was planning on doing and she thought it was a great idea but said I probably shouldn’t put it on Facebook, but I just didn’t know where else to start or who to contact.
Chris is also said to be in touch with several of charities since his appeal was shared online on Sunday and said he has now found a lucky tenant who is set to move in over the next few days.